The New Clothesline Company - Summer 2013

Posted on June 09, 2013 by Karen Crowley

Summer Collection 2013

The summer's in Montana are absolutely breathtaking!  They are of course, very short and why so many of us want to be outside during those times.  On May 1st, we begin to pull out our outdoor furniture and umbrellas, set up the BBQ grill, add special lighting, a small outdoor fireplace or standup heating unit and let the good times begin!

Colors can and do define our summers!  We all love looking for our favorite umbrella color or outdoor cushion in lime green, bright yellow, poppy orange or turquoise blue.  Why not add one of those colors to your laundry drying and create your own summer collection.  Lime green and Caribbean blue or Canary Yellow set the mode for any summer fun! 

Why wait to let your summer fun begin?  Hang your clothes on the LOFTi & DUO and enjoy your day!  Ride a bike, go for a hike, walk your dog, kayak a lake or river...the possibilities are endless!

Use energy for life, not laundry!  


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